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Refresh Your Hair Color Between Appointments – Glam Color - Blog

For a colour refresher between regularly scheduled appointments with a professional hair colourist, nothing beats the benefits of a pigment-rich conditioner, which revives and enhances those beautiful shades created in the salon.

With these imperatives in mind, La Biosthetique has created Glam Color, an intense colour refresh mask which lasts from three to five shampoos. Deeply conditioning, these special colour masks are formulated with a combination of emollients and silk proteins which improve the hair structure and strength, with the added benefit of precious peptides from rice protein to rebuild damaged and overprocessed hair – like very light blondes.

One-Step Colour Enhancer

Very easy to use, unlike traditional oxidising hair colour Glam Color does not need peroxide or any chemical add-ons to develop since the pigments gently rest on the surface of the hair, without penetrating the cuticle or changing its structure. And since it washes away, it doesn’t show visible regrowth. However, it cannot lighten existing hair colour; only intensify.

To use, wash hair and evenly apply Glam Color to towel-dried hair using plastic gloves to avoid stains. Comb through to saturate well each strand. Leave on between three and 10 minutes, depending on desired result. But remember that the more porous the hair, the more intense the colour will be. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear and style as usual. Voilà!

Superb Icy Blondes

For very light, cool blondes who want to offset any hint of warmer tones in their hair, Glam Color No Yellow is the answer. This unique trio of shampoo, conditioner and mask is specially formulated to enhance the coolest blondes, while being super gentle on bleached hair. The violet-silver pigments neutralise any trace of warm gold, while enhancing cool, chic and sophisticated Nordic blondes.

The No Yellow Shampoo and Conditioner are specially created for cool blondes and bleached hair. Formulated with a colour-protection complex with sunflower extracts to protect delicate hair from UV rays, and panthenol for added moisture. The shampoo is particularly gentle to wash lightened hair without over-stripping it, while the conditioner protects colour from fading, and results in elegant, cool blonde with incredible softness and radiant shine.

Grey Is Beautiful!

For 2020, La Biosthetique introduces Steel Gray, a new shade to its already super successful line of Glam Color toners.

Depending on the processing time, Glam Color Toner can make unsightly yellow tones in natural grey hair disappear, reduce the contrast between white hair and hair’s original shade, or give hair a uniform darker shade of grey — almost like indigo! — when left on to process for a full 10 minutes. Because the pigments are deposited all over, the colour washes out evenly and creates no regrowth. Silver foxes will have never looked hotter! 

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