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J.F. Beauty

J.F. Beauty was founded by Joy Benson and François Campeau, a couple in real life and business partners who have a lifelong passion for providing the very best products and tools in hair, skin care and makeup to the salons they cater to. The mission is to empower hairstylists and beauty professionals with a solid understanding of the upcoming trends in professional beauty, and the tools needed to implement that vision thanks to a comprehensive education curriculum at the Montreal La Biosthetique academy.

The Education team of over 20 experts works hand in hand to bring salon professionals in Ontario, Quebec and The Maritimes the most advanced education in hair colour, hair care, skin care and makeup using La Biosthetique holistic line of professional beauty products.

“François and I are very proud of our artistic and education team now gathered within our La Biosthetique family here in Canada! We are surrounded by all these top beauty professionals, these artists and creators who believe in us, believe in La Biosthetique and its culture of total beauty. We are deeply grateful to all these outstanding industry leaders who bring with them a wealth of skill and experience, and are ready to share their knowledge to enrich your personal journey in the wonderful world of professional beauty.” – Joy Benson

Francois Campeau et Joy Benson - JF Beauty


JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Nancy Bourgon

Nancy Bourgon

Sales Director

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Jessika Kiernan

Jessika Kiernan

Account Manager

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Angélique Metifeu

Angélique Metifeu

Account Manager
Island of Montreal

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Melanie Bernier

Melanie Bernier

Account Manager

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Nadia Cloutier


Account Manager
Laurentide, Abitibi & Côte Nord
Prescott-Russell, ON

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Benoit Peloquin


Account Manager

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - dominique poulin


Account Manager

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Marie-Kim Dube

Marie-Kim Dubé

Sales Representative

Work With Experts

Education Team


JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Alexander Dinter

Alexander Dinter


International Creative Director for La Biosthetique Paris, Alexander Dinter is part of Germany’s hairstyling elite. His multifaceted talent and precision-driven cutting techniques define trends and create the cool factor hairstylists crave. With the goal of always mentoring new talent, he is in charge of developing training programs and education courses.

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Steffen Zoll



When Steffen Zoll draws his model’s faces, his creations bring to mind those of an artist on their canvas. He highlights women’s beauty to make them shine. A member of La Biosthetique’s creative team for 10 years, he boosts the brand with his unique vision as a professional makeup artist, in addition to participating in the development of seasonal trends.

Canadian Artist Ambassadors

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Jean-Yannick Brisebois

Jean-Yannick Brisebois

Cutting And Styling Artist

Co-owner of U Salon Boutique, Jean-Yannick has 20 years experience and has made a name for himself, thanks to the many trophies he has won. Canadian ambassador for La Biosthetique's artistic team, Jean-Yannick is passionate about teaching, where he is known for his technical expertise and his brand knowledge.

Samuel Chabot

Cutting And Styling Artist

Samuel began his career in 2008 by winning a major hair competition. Since then, he has been recognised by other major awards, which proves his passion for hair artistry. After several years working with La Biosthetique products, he is now joining the JF Beauty family as an artist in order to elevate his expertise to another level.

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Jean-Sebastien Chalut

Jean-Sebastien Chalut

Cutting & Styling Artist

Jean-Sébastien Chalut is a hairstylist who is passionate about architecture, shapes and colours. He has made a name for himself in the industry by taking on many creative challenges from teaching haircutting and hair colour to prestigious events such as fashion shows, photoshoots and competitions. He won the Contessa award for Quebec Stylist of the Year, in 2018 and 2019.

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Tristan Charbonneau

Francois Charbonneau


Having owned a few salons, François has a wealth of knowledge in management and education. For over 30 years he has worked with many well-known international brands as a platform artist, educator, and hair show producer. In 2015, he launched U Salon Boutique, a high-end lifestyle concept salon delivering an outstanding experience.

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Melody Di Paolo

Melody Di Paolo

Haircolour Educator

Melody has been living her dream career for 15 years in her own salon. She loves the challenge that every customer brings to her and aims to surpass their expectations. Melody is now ecstatic to be able to share her hair colour skills with other hair artists.

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Marie-Kim Dube

Marie-Kim Dubé

Makeup Artist

Integrating perfectly the concept of Total Beauty, Kim is both a hairstylist and a professional makeup artist. For her, makeup is an art form that can transform someone to reveal their unique beauty. Kim is proud to share her passion for the best tips, while it’s the natural and refined aspect of La Biosthetique that has drawn her to the brand.

Paul Daniel Émond

Cutting & Styling Artist

More than 20 years of hairdressing experience have taken this gifted artist’s talent to the coveted title of artistic director. In 2010, he was named artist of the year 2010 in Canada by the Colomer group. Inspired by the best techniques and vision of hairdressing in Italy, he is also the owner of his salon, where he is known for his chic and elegant styles.

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - carolle gagnon

Carolle Gagnon

Hair Care Educator

Carolle has developed a unique approach to hair care with her many years of experience as a salon owner dedicated to finding the best solution for every client. Her students are always impressed by her deep understanding of scalp health and optimal hair structure. Taking a course with her will open your eyes to innovative solutions in hair care.

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - katya kenney

Katya Kenney

Haircolour Educator

Owner of a La Biosthetique concept hair salon since 2009, Katya has mastered the hair colour benefits of the line. Dynamic and driven, Katya shares her passion for hairdressing to colleagues in love with colour. Always ahead of the latest trends, she will keep you connected with the fashion world.

Alexandra Proulx-Lachance

Haircolour Educator

Specializing in colour corrections since 2012, Alexandra is a haircolourist who is passionate about everything that stands out. Recognized for the beautiful balayages and highlights she creates on long hair, she has many loyal clients who trust her with their haircolour wishes at Tandem Institute in Lévis.

Émilie Thériault

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist since 2009, Émilie is known for her chic and timeless beauty looks, as well as those that are a little more elaborate and artistic. Her goal is always to enhance her client’s features. An expert in beauty products and tools, she loved to bring out the eyes, along with a radiant complexion.

JF Beauty - La Biosthetique - Annie Tremblay

Annie Tremblay

Colour, Hair Care & Styling Educator

Multitalented, Annie has been honing her skills in different areas of the professional beauty industry: from business development, to cut and colour expertise, to training. Today, Annie continues her journey by becoming educator for La Biosthetique and bringing her unbridled passion and knowledge with others in the industry.

La Biosthetique - JF Beauty - Long Hair

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