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La Biosthetique

At La Biosthétique, The Culture Of Total Beauty rests on a solid foundation combining the best natural ingredients, state-of-the-art research, and a passion for beauty since the company was founded by Marcel Contier in Paris, in 1947.

Paris is the heart of La Biosthetique. It is where all the magic of creativity comes together to craft innovative and advanced hair, face and body products as well as makeup and men’s grooming products. The formulations are fine-tuned in Germany, the brain behind the brand, where precise and technologically-advanced production processes take place to deliver performing products that are as effective as pleasant to use, with the luxe touch that beauty professionals and customers have come to expect and love from La Biosthetique.

Since it was founded, La Biosthétique has been an owner-run company. Siegfried Weiser took over the company from founder Marcel Contier. Today, he manages, along with his sons, Jean-Marc and Felix, with the absolute conviction that values and attitude are just as important for La Biosthétique as the products: A sustainable treatment of resources, responsibility to customers, employees and partners.

Hair Colour

La Biosthetique offers the professional hair colourist a wide array of colour formulas that can be perfectly customised to every client’s want and needs, whether it’s tone on tone or 100% grey coverage, with everything in between.

TINT AND TONE: An advanced colour system with 1 tube offering 5 types of colour services to achieve all colour possibilities built on the simple foundation of true colour theory, which makes it the colourist’s most versatile tool combined with the salon owner’s smartest investment in mind. With Tint and Tone, you can achieve stunning permanent hair colour, dreamy tone on tone demi-permanent shades, as well as pretty pastels. The advanced micro-pigments in the Tint and Tone formula offer perfect coverage of white hair with outstanding durability, as well as extreme brilliance and vibrance, while being gentle on sensitive scalps and nourishing the hair.

GLAM COLOR ADVANCED: Coloured conditioners are ideal to boost your client’s colour between salon visits. La Biosthetique silk protein-based hair conditioner refreshes colour in just 3-10 minutes thanks to colour intensifying properties, while leaving it silky soft. Available in 7 shades, from Crystal (for platinum blondes) to Red.

COLOR & GLOSS: Oxidative hair colour formulated without ammonia or monoethanolamine (MEA), with a neutral pH to protect hair. Offers excellent demi-permanent results and leaves hair soft and shiny. Simple and fast application for a quick in-salon service.

SHINE & TONE: A non-oxidation hair colour line with direct pigments providing excellent colour results and outstanding brightness and shine. Ready for application, without the need for oxidation or developer. Ammonia- and monoethanolamine-free (MEA).

Hair Care

From professional, in-salon products and services, to at-home use for clients, La Biosthetique offers a full range of the most advanced hair care, including Botanique, formulated with 100% certified botanical ingredients.

BEAUTÉ care products instantly balance out slight structural damage. The result: more shine, great elasticity and ideal stylability. In short: simply beautiful hair!

DRY HAIR rapidly and effectively eliminates the problems usually associated with dry, stressed hair. Formulated with a cocktail of natural active ingredients that act in synergy with the addition of oils and proteins, Dry Hair deeply moisturises and replenishes dehydrated hair.

CHEVEUX LONGS offers a unique luxury spa line for long hair, in order to strengthen it and protect it from wear and tear, resulting in up to 80 percent less hair breakage. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, a powerful anti-aging ingredient used for the first time in hair care.

PROTECTION COULEUR, with added colour pigments, offers long-lasting colour brilliance and protection. Formulated with sunflower extracts, which penetrate deep into the hair to neutralise free radicals. Added to that, a polymer shields the hair cuticle from further damage and protects it from environmental damage.

PROTECTION CHEVEUX COMPLEXE protects during hair chemical services, thus permitting more intense colour lifting, and more durable colour results because it restructures the hair’s sulphur bonds.

OIL THERAPY provides hair with fantastic shine, new strength and elasticity, making it easy to style and wonderfully silky.

ANTI FRIZZ is an innovative care system that provides lasting stabilisation of the moisture balance of the hair and makes it less sensitive to changing environmental influences. Structural weaknesses are balanced out.

La Biosthetique also offers complete hair care lines for thin, curly hair, sun protection, as well as Édition de luxe, an upscale, premium line of hair products.

Hair Styling

To elevate an already flawless haircut, La Biosthetique offers three types of styling products, all created to help maintain and optimise the creations of extraordinary hair artists, and presented in three groups of different colours: dark grey, bronze and purple.

Base line (dark grey) is designed to be used damp hair, after washing, as the foundation for beautiful hairstyles. Different consistencies such as cream, gel, spray or mousse prepare the hair for the subsequent styling such as blow-drying. 

Applied on damp or dry hair, the art of hairstyling is heightened with the Style range (bronze). These products can be used to style dry hair with the hands after blow-drying, and are also suitable for men who want to easily style their hair while damp and let it air-dry. The focus is on texture, shine, control and shape. 

Finish line (violet) is like an exclamation point finishing a perfect creation. This is the most glamorous part of the hairstyling service, to be used only on dry hair to either finish the look with a dry hairspray or a more luminous shine spray.

Skin Care

A natural extension of the Total Beauty concept, skin care is at the very heart of the La Biosthetique experience for salon owners and clients alike. With an unwavering commitment to providing the highest-quality ingredients, formulations and effectiveness, La Biosthetique has fine-tuned an extensive, high-performing line of products proposing effective solutions to the most widespread concerns regarding skin types and conditions.

The methods combine natural ingredients with the latest in cosmetic and biotechnological research. The product formulations are individually customised to address the needs of various skin types, while the core of their main ingredients remain the same and are quickly absorbed. Our team of scientists, skin experts, and estheticians work in close collaboration to fine-tune and develop products that cater to the needs of a discerning clientele, and are based on the latest scientific research concerning healthy, beautiful skin.

La Biosthetique offers a wide array of skincare products aiming to highlight perfect skin, prevent premature skin aging, fine lines and wrinkles; provide solutions for problem, oily skin; and offer specialty spa and esthetician high-end treatment products. The brand has also created sun protection products and an innovative skin and hair care concept for men.


Just like hair colour, makeup is naturally linked to self-expression and an important component of professional beauty services dispensed in a salon. For more than 50 years, La Biosthetique has maintained a reputation for high-quality professional beauty products, innovation, exclusive service in salons and spas, while being at the forefront of international beauty trends thanks to exclusive partnerships with international Fashion Weeks.

Makeup from La Biosthetique complements and enhances the concept of Total Beauty with colour collections that perfectly combine premium skincare and formulas with on-trend colours and finishes.

With this in mind, La Biosthetique creates twice yearly a full makeup collection in collaboration with the best and the brightest international makeup artists. The line includes a wide range of products, textures and shades of superb makeup products formulated with ultra-fine, highly pigmented colour and silky textures. This means that new and limited products are continually being added to the wide range of La Biosthetique makeup products, to the delight of demanding clients who only want the very best when it comes to their beauty.




The Homme range from La Biosthetique is geared towards men’s skin and hair needs, and fulfils the most demanding needs in their daily care routine.

Every man has his own style when it comes to appearance and looks, and La Biosthetique strives to offer an outstanding masculine range of solutions for skin care and hair. With this in mind, every grooming product offers the highest-level performance and enjoyment, while the fragrances play a key role with sensuous, earthy depth, fresh accents and strong, clear harmonies to highlight a man’s unique personality.


Brushes are inherently part of hair care. That is why La Biosthétique offers a wide selection of hairstyling tools designed with the professional hairstylist in mind, like the Paddle brush, a classic tool with ball-ended nylon bristles to detangle hair while gently massaging the scalp. The styling brush is an elegant and highly functional classic from La Biosthétique and an essential item in every bathroom that can be used for blow-drying, styling and brushing while ensuring maximum protection to the delicate hair strands, providing an anti-static effect, while being very comfortable to use.

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