Styling Essentials

Complete knowledge of all styling material. Knowledge of styling products, their role and creative possibilities with exchange of ideas between participants. Diagnosis to better identify the needs of the clientele in terms of styling products. Use of tools and index cards as well as prescription cards and client cards. Practical workshop between participants. Validation of

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Scalp Care Essentials

Become an expert in scalp care analysis. In depth knowledge of all methods related to scalp care (Methode Sensitive, Vitalisante, Normalisante, Régénerante, Dermosthetique Anti-Age and Anti-Pelliculaire) Learn the different scalp environments (causes, consequences on the hair and solutions) Master the scalp check indicator disgnosis including consultation for home care. Discover the relaxing ritual. Increase quality

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Hair Care Essential

Discover the hair care methods (Beauté, Protection Couleur, Anti- Frizz, Curl, Fine, Cheveux Longs, Dry Hair, Structure and Methode Sensitive). How to choose the appropriate products adapted to your client’s needs. Implementing services and massage techniques that will make you stand out.

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