Coupe/Styling sur Mesure

This Customized Course teaches you how to find YOUR own image, YOUR style, YOUR look. Whatever your level of experience, Stéphane offers to bring the pictures of the hairstyles you want to make. You decide on the looks and with Stéphane‘s help you decide together which technique to use. Thus, it helps you to develop […]

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Perfect/Imperfect Styling

Developed by Sandy Hogue Hairdresser, Perfect / Imperfect training offers styling techniques to create the current trends adapted for all your clients. You will find both technical and creative content! Become aware of the differences between the generations that make up your clientele and create a trend-inspired style for each of them Learn how to

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Cut/Styling Generations

2 cutting techniques presented. Short, medium or long * Depending on the desire and needs of the show. Learning different cutting techniques. Link the “Generations“ with the haircut and style. Create diversity with the morphology of the skull. Use styling products as a tool. Customize style according to Generation with current trends.

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Coupe & Couleur Collection

Execution of new styles inspired by current trends. Knowing how to master and combine different techniques to develop one‘s creativity. Visual presentation of the collection and its influences, appropriation of cutting and color schemes. Immediate learning of cutting techniques thanks to a step by step training on malleable heads and video tutorial.

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Cutting Fundamentals

Designed for designers who are new to the field or for those who come back to the industry and want to refresh and perfect their knowledge. This unique course is for people who want to increase their confidence and gain a thorough understanding of basic cutting techniques. The importance of perfect separations. How and why

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