Professional Spa Experience at Home – Spa Actif

JF Beauty - Professional Spa Experience at Home – Spa Actif

Everyone loves the way they look and feel after a high-end, luxury skincare treatment in a spa or multiservice salon.

The skin is revitalised, refreshed, and has that beautiful, healthy glow that welcomes so many positive comments, compliments and likes – without any Instagram filters!

To prolong and replicate the revitalising and uplifting experience of a professional aesthetic service, the new Spa Actif line from La Biosthetique brings the benefits of spa treatments into the home. These five fabulous products optimise the benefits of professional spa services to make them even more complete.

Holistic Ingredients From The Sea

At the heart of the Spa Actif line is an active ingredient complex specially harvested from the sea that includes extract of brown seagrass, green microalgae, a solution of marine polysaccharides, and mineral-rich seawater that provide balance and health to the many functions and components of the skin. These natural, vegan and holistic ingredients work in synergy to provide skin with a healthy microflora, and leave it with a super silky, smooth texture, with the added benefits of antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

The green microalgae provides an impressive lifting effect that results in a younger and clearer complexion.  Additionally, a firming complex of artichoke extract, fructan, caffeine and xanthine creates a heightened support for the connective tissue. It is particularly effective for treating delicate areas such as the neck and upper chest (the décolleté).

A Treat For The Senses

It is a known fact that aromatherapy can provide feelings of wellness and relaxation, or have a stimulating effect. La Biosthetique Spa Actic line is characterised by a fresh and energising scent. Light notes of raspberry, basil and lime, followed by delicate floral accents of water lily, violet and orchid, with a base note of cedar wood and moss create a sparkling, non-gendered fragrance.

JF Beauty - Professional Spa Experience at Home – Spa Actif

Here are the main characteristics of products in the line:

A micellar cleansing gel that refreshes the body, hair and face in the shower or bath, with a lightly revitalising effect that does not dehydrate skin. The natural active ingredient complex boosts the health of the skin, while improving tolerance to surfactants.

Formulated with Lipogel, a skin-friendly super conditioning blend of glycerine and oil, and natural sea salts to gently remove dry, dead skin cells that can clog the pores, while stimulating skin renewal. For an intense exfoliating effect, apply to dry skin paying particular attention to the elbows and knees.

Thanks to a powerful cocktail of slimming caffeine, artichoke and sugar cane, this high-performance skincare helps diminish cellulite while tightening and firming the body and improving its microrelief. Also formulated with natural shea butter, and a complex of micro red algae resulting in a firming sensation.

The delicate skin of the chest and overworked hands are the first to show signs of aging and sun damage. To improve resilience, elasticity and enhance the skin’s structure, this product contains extracts of seagrass and microalgae, marine polysaccharides and seawater. Thanks to its improved collagen fibre net, it also helps tighten and firm skin.

A universal self-care product, this mild formula cleanses without dehydrating while leaving a delicate, uplifting scent. Perfect for every powder room in the house. 

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